Professor Henry FraserArchitecural Historian / Heritage Consultant
Chairman, Sentinel Committee, Barbados National Trust
Writer, TV Presenter, National Orator & Motivational Speaker
Professor Emertius, Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology.
Immediate Past Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences.
University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.


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Architecture awards in celebration of the Barbados National Trust’s 50 years of service to the Nation, in association with the Barbados Institute of Architects.

These awards recognize the best work revitalizing the buildings of the past (PRE-WORLD WAR 2) as well as new work (since 1990) to be made note of for the future. Both old and new buildings are separated into residential and non-residential, giving four categories:

1. Restoration of pre WW2 buildings (Residential)

2. Restoration of pre WW2 buildings (Non Residential)

3. New buildings (Residential)

4. New buildings (Non Residential) (Post 1960)

Report of the Judging Panel – 2012. 01. 27

The Panel of judges comprised:

Professor Henry Fraser (Chairman of the BNT Sentinel Committee & Chairman of the panel)

Mr. Gordon Ashby, BNT & BIA

Mr. John Allsopp, BIA

Mr. Michael Lashley, BIA

Mr. Jimmy Walker, retired architect and guest judge.

Methodology: Each judge gave an independent score out of 20 for each entry in each category, and the five scores were added to produce the ranking, out of 100. This document summarises the winners (1st and 2nd and Honourable Mention).

Category 1: Restoration of pre WW2 buildings (Residential)

Claybury Pl’tion House, St. John Habitats Arch Designs Inc. *1st

-A lot has been achieved in this restoration, with great sympathy and attention to detail in working with original / traditional    proportions, materials and details.

Beach Gate, Hastings Mark Hiorns *2nd

Camelot, Hastings Mark Hiorns


Category 2: Restoration of pre WW2 buildings (Non-residential)

Arlington House, Speightstown Gillespie and Steel *1st

-A most faithful and successful restoration of a very old and important, iconic building, with splendid adaptive re-use

The Pavilion, Hastings Gillespie and Steel *2nd

-A most faithful restoration, from a severely damaged and long neglected building, with many challenges

George Washington House Gillespie and Steel Honourable Mention

Herbert House, Fontabelle Robertson Ward Assocs. Honourable Mention

The Synagogue complex, B’town Tomlin Voss Associates Honourable Mention

Chancery House, Bridgetown Mark Hiorns

Sedwych Mark Hjorns

Category 3: New Buildings (Residential)

Shoestring, Gibbs Architects Cubed *1st

-A most impressive, creative, contemporary residence, with a local flare, and making highly effective use of a constrained site.

Riley Residence, Morrison and Woodstock *2nd

King’s Beach Village Mark Hiorns Honourable Mention

Arawidi, Apes Hill Gillespie and Steel

Davidson’s Tommlin Voss

Garden Wall Villas, Apes Hill Gillespie and Steel

Harding House Tomlin Voss

Palm Beach condominiums Tomlin Voss

Smith Residence Morrison and Woodstock

The Set Robertson Ward


Category 4: New buildings (Non-residential)

Bajan Services, Speightstown Architects cubed *1st

-A pure, creative and dramatic interpretation of the vernacular, with a successful combination of wood and glass, and splendidly contextualized with outstanding landscaping. Highly aesthetically pleasing.

Sugar Hill Clubhouse Mark Hiorns *2nd

Gaye’s Bout, Holetown Mark Hiorns

Harrison College IT building Morrison and Woodstock

Judicial Centre, Bridgetown Gillespie and Steel

Limegrove Centre Gillespie and Steel

St. Albans School, St. James

Valeant, Welches, Christ Church Gillespie and Steel

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