Professor Henry FraserArchitecural Historian / Heritage Consultant
Chairman, Sentinel Committee, Barbados National Trust
Writer, TV Presenter, National Orator & Motivational Speaker
Professor Emertius, Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology.
Immediate Past Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences.
University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.


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Sir Frank Ramsey is Barbados’s well know paediatrician, nutritionist, public health leader, researcher, writer and former Director of the Barbados National Health Service.  Sir Frank forged many new paths in health care in Barbados.  He raised substantial research grants from the Macy Foundation, established the National Nutrition Centre, eliminated infant malnutrition in Barbados and created a team of community nutritionists across the health service.  His other legacies are his book Protein Calorie Malnutrition, and his recent, very readable autobiography.

Professor Emeritus the Honourable ER “Mickey” Walrond trained in medicine and as a surgeon at Guy’s Hospital, London, before joining UWI at Mona as lecturer.  He was appointed Foundation Professor of Surgery for the Eastern Caribbean Medical Scheme here in 1975, Vice Dean from 1976 and Dean until 1992 and again from ‘92 until 2001.  

He’s worn a hundred hats, as a “multi-specialist surgeon”, President of BAMP, President of the Red Cross, Editor of BAMP Bulletin, Chairman of the Medical Council, Chairman of CBC and Chairman of the National Advisory Committee on AIDS … and the list goes on, and on, and on!

Professor Emeritus George Nicholson graduated at the ancient halls of Oxford and trained in nephrology at the Radcliffe.  He established a comprehensive dialysis programme at the University Hospital of the West Indies in 1970, transferred here in 1978, and developed and directed the Dialysis Unit at the QEH.  He served as Vice Dean, and as Dean from 1992 to 96.  His research in sickle cell disease, leptospirosis and lupus has had a significant global impact.

Mr. Cyril Nelson, a Grenadian by birth but Bajan by adoption, trained in Ireland.  He was Foundation Lecturer in Surgery here from 1967 to 1977, before moving into private practice. He was our first thoracic surgeon, and when he left the QEH I was privileged to acquire his enormous desk, which rapidly became covered with mountains of paper!

Dr. Marjorie Holding-Cobham was one of the first six students in the pilot scheme of 1967.  She returned home to Jamaica where she became a Public Health specialist, and after a stint in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, UWI, at Mona, she returned to the Ministry of Health in Kingston.  She married a Bajan banker, Jeff Cobham, and transmogrified him into a Jamaican!  

Dr. Trevor Golding was another of the famous first six, in the Class of ’68.  He trained in Radiology at Howard University, the alma mater of our first native Governor General, Dr. His Excellency Sir Winston Scott.  His specialty is ultrasonography.  He now lives back home in Jamaica, and we’ve had great pleasure in welcoming him and wife Shirley, and Marjorie and Jeff  back home to Barbados for a few days.

News Flash: The Barbados Horticultural Society will be hosting an “Open Garden” at Golden Grove Great House in St. Philip today, Sunday February 10th at 2 – 6 pm.  Dr. John Webster is the horticultural genius who has transformed a neglected old garden and surrounding pasture lands, in a low rainfall area of North Eastern St. Philip into a magnificent garden – a magical oasis which must be seen to be believed!  The splendidly restored classic great house of great age, restored or embellished circa 1830s, is, of course, the centre piece of this Elysian landscape.

Professor Fraser is Dean of the School of Clinical Medicine and Research.

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